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Frequently Asked Questions 

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Questions About The Accredited Estate Planner® (AEP®) Designation

Questions About The Estate Planning Law Specialists (EPLS) Designation

Questions About The Local Council Web Site Program

Questions About Affiliating Your Council with NAEPC

What happens if we join half-way through the year?
Dues will be required again on January 1 of the following calendar year.  Councils that join on our after October 1st of any calendar year will have their payment carried through the next calendar year.

When our council joins, does this make all the council members, members of the NAEPC?
By virtue of a council's membership, the member of the local council is entitled to take advantage of the programs and services offered by NAEPC.  The council is the true member of NAEPC, however.

By joining the NAEPC, does the local council then fall under the NAEPC's 501(c) 6 status?
No, every council is a separate entity and should establish themselves as such.

Questions About the NAEPC Annual Advanced Estate Planning Strategies Conference:

Questions About The NAEPC Journal of Estate & Tax Planning

Is the NAEPC Journal of Estate & Tax Planning available in print?

How can I contribute to The NAEPC Journal of Estate & Tax Planning?
By contacting the Editor.

Questions About Offering a Member Benefit

Questions About the Robert G. Alexander Webinar Series

How do I know if I’m registered for a webinar?  A: All registered attendees will receive a confirmation from ConferTel (, our technology provider, within a short time of the initial registration.  A reminder will also be send approximately 24 hours before the program begins.  The email subject line will include a program number followed by “NAEPC Webinars Confirmation”.  If you have not received a confirmation email, please check your email “junk” folder or contact ConferTel at 866-930-4500 to request duplicate credentials.  NAEPC is not able to send duplicate credentials.

When will I get the materials for the webinar?  A: Materials are distributed via a link in the confirmation email received the day prior to the program.  They can also always be downloaded from the “documents” section on any live program.  The type of material available varies from program to program.

Can I get continuing education credit for a webinar?  A: Continuing education credit is available for Accredited Estate Planner® designees who attend the entire program. In addition, a general certificate of completion will be made available for those professionals who feel the program satisfies their continuing education requirements, are able to self-file, and have participated in the entire program. It is your responsibility to determine whether your state, discipline, or designation will allow you to self-file for a distance-learning program.  Those listening to the program on-demand, after it has occurred live, must complete the survey at the end of the program to gain access to the certificate of completion.

Help!  I registered for a webinar and wasn’t able to attend!  Now what?  A: Within 48 hours of the webinar you will receive replay access through a special email from ConferTel.  This email is the only way to access the program after it has occurred live.  Access is not available until approximately 48 hours following the program.

What is a “group gathering”?  A: A group gathering allows participants gathered in a single location to view the program together.  You will receive one feed for the program, which can only be played in one location.  You are able to add additional feeds to a group gathering for satellite locations for a fee of $25/feed.  Please contact NAEPC to facilitate the process after purchasing the initial group gathering.

Our EPC would like to use a webinar as an on-demand program.  How long after the live program must we wait to ensure that the program will be available?  A: 48 hours.

Our EPC or firm wants to offer continuing education credit.  Can we? A:  If you would like to provide CE credit outside of what is provided by NAEPC, you must check with your state governing board(s) and/or licensing bodies to learn and understand their filing and program requirements.  All filings, reporting, fees, and record keeping is the responsibility of the host.

I would like to register for the Yearly Series, how does that work?  A:  It’s a two-step process.  First, register with NAEPC by using the link found at  You will then receive a confirmation email that provides instructions on how to register for each program individually, which is necessary to make sure you have unique log-on credentials for each program. 

Our council is entitled to group webinars as a part of the Council of Excellence or 5 Star Council Award!  How do we gain access to the programs?  A:  Email to claim your comped registration.