Accredited Estate Planners®
Award received November 2007
Richard W. Nenno
Wilmington Trust Company

Richard W. Nenno, Esquire, is a Managing Director and Trust Counsel in Wealth Advisory Services at Wilmington Trust Company, Wilmington, Delaware. He is responsible for developing and maintaining estate plans for wealthy individuals and families throughout the United States and abroad.

Mr. Nenno has over three decades of estate planning experience, is admitted to the practice of law in Delaware and Pennsylvania, and is an Accredited Estate Planner. Prior to joining Wilmington Trust in 1982, he was an associate in the Estates Department of the Philadelphia law firm of Ballard, Spahr, Andrews & Ingersoll.

Mr. Nenno is a cum laude graduate of Princeton University with an A.B. degree from the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, and he earned his J.D. degree from Harvard Law School.

Mr. Nenno is recognized as a national speaker and published authority on estate planning issues. He has spoken at the University of Miami Institute on Estate Planning, the ALI-ABA Planning Techniques for Large Estates Conference, the IBA/ABA International Wealth Transfer Practice Conference, the Notre Dame Tax and Estate Planning Institute, the AICPA Advanced Estate Planning Conference, the NYU Institute on Federal Taxation, and the Southern California Tax and Estate Planning Forum. He is a member of the Delaware State Bar Association (Past Chair: Estates and Trusts Section); Estate Planning Council of Delaware, Inc. (Past President); American Bar Association, Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law (Group Vice Chair: Wealth and Non-Tax Estate Planning Considerations Group).

Mr. Nenno is the author or co-author of Gerson v. Comr.: Donees of General Powers of Appointment Over Grandfathered Trusts Unite!, 32 Tax Mgmt. Est., Gifts & Tr. J. 131 (Mar. 8, 2007); Delaware Dynasty Trusts, Total-Return Trusts, and Asset-Protection Trusts, Asset Protection: Domestic & Int'l Law & Tactics Chap. 14A (2007); Choosing and Rechoosing the Jurisdiction for a Trust, 40 U. Miami Inst. on Est. Plan. 400 (2006); Delaware Asset Protection Trusts Should Survive Bankruptcy, 33 Est. Plan. 31 (Jan. 2006); Delaware Asset Protection Trusts Create Obstacles for Creditors, 32 Est. Plan. 3 (Dec. 2005); Structuring CRTs as Delaware APTs to Provide Protection from Creditors and Surviving Spouses, 31 Tax Mgmt. Est., Gifts & Tr. J. 71 (Mar. 9, 2006) and 46 Tax Mgmt. Memo. 483 (Oct. 31, 2005); Planning with Domestic Asset-Protection Trusts: Part II, 40 Real Prop., Prob. & Tr. J. 477 (Fall 2005); Planning with Domestic Asset-Protection Trusts: Part I, 40 Real Prop., Prob. & Tr. J. 263 (Summer 2005); Delaware Asset Protection Trusts: Avoiding Fraudulent Transfers and Attorney Liability, 32 Est. Plan. 22 (Jan. 2005).

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