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December 2018


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NAEPC President

Message from President S. Mark Alton

My thoughts on the year ahead

56th Annual NAEPC Advanced Estate Planning Strategies Conference

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November 5-9, 2019


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Accredited Estate Planner® Designation

Distinguish yourself as a committed member of the team

NAEPC Who we are

Who We Are

Reflection on the values of NAEPC by Robert E. Fox, CLU®, AEP®

Member Benefits

Member Benefits

IGNITE, LAUNCH, and ECHO join LINK—Online Learning offered by The Legacy Companies, LLC


Message from the President


S. Mark Alton, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, CAP®, CPWA®
Syracuse, New York

Welcome to Estate Planning 2.0! Exponential growth in computing power, automation, 3D sensing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, 5G, which will be 100X faster than 4G, the internet of things, autonomous vehicles... The world is changing at such a rapid pace, and the rate of change is accelerating. Persistent advances in technology are threatening the traditional role of estate planning professionals from every discipline. The future of estate planning is fraught with tough challenges and full of exciting opportunities. To be most successful, we will need to learn to adapt to an onslaught of disruptive forces, and fend off the likes of fee compression and robo-advisors. The good news is that by working together in close collaboration, and by pursuing a more purposeful estate planning approach, we can control our own destiny and literally design the future we want to see.

At NAEPC, our Mission is to "promote excellence in estate planning." But, what is excellence in estate planning, and what is the ultimate purpose for the work we all do together?

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S. Mark Alton

Accredited Estate Planner® Designation

Becoming an Accredited Estate Planner® (AEP®) designee is more than just submitting an application and goes beyond an additional set of initials after your name. The Accredited Estate Planner® designation demonstrates commitment.

  • To the collaborative approach to estate planning, because that is what best serves the client
  • To high ethical standards
  • To relationships with multi-disciplinary professionals forged through membership in an estate planning council
  • To ongoing learning through continuing education

Are You Committed?

Learn more about the AEP® Designation

Brief Overview of Requirements for all Applicants

  • Active practice for a minimum of five years within the following disciplines: accounting; insurance and financial planning; law; philanthropy; and trust services
  • Devote at least 1/3 of one's time to estate planning
  • One or more of the following professional credentials: JD (active law license required), CPA, CLU®, CFP®, ChFC®, CPWA®, CFA, CAP®, CSPG, CTFA, MSFS, and MST
  • Three professional references from individuals with whom you have worked with on estate planning cases and assignments
  • Current membership in an affiliated local estate planning council

Additional Requirement for Applicants with 5-15 years of Experience

The American College

The American College is offering a unique opportunity to those who are interested in applying for the AEP® designation and are required to take coursework, or those who are simply interested in continuing education. Newly-revised course GS815 - Advanced Estate Planning addresses changes to the tax code as a result of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, offers an in-depth look at the techniques of estate planning affected by the new law while continuing to cover the traditional estate planning topics, and goes beyond traditional asset-centric planning and incorporating important family-centric elements, teaching the essential skills of purposeful planning and collaboration. Act fast! Distance-learning courses begin on February 13, 2019 and tuition is discounted until December 31st. To learn more, download the informational flyer or contact Elaine Gulezian at 610-526-1479 or

Member Benefits

As an AEP® designee or member, you have access to a list of nearly 40 member benefits spanning a range of categories.

New & Updated Benefits

Online Learning Opportunities Offered by The Legacy Companies, LLC

NAEPC is happy to offer our members a 10% discount on several online learning programs provided by The Legacy Companies, LLC. Legacy has helped accountants, attorneys, philanthropic advisors, financial advisors and many other advice-givers create powerful, lasting relationships for over 20 years. Be the next to have the clients, the business, and the life you want!

To learn more about all of these courses and to enroll, visit the online informational page. Enter NAEPC10 when prompted to obtain the NAEPC discount.


IGNITE Online Learning Program

The fundamental success requirement of any advice-giver is your ability to generate powerful relationships in a short amount of time when you first connect with new opportunities. If that's not daunting enough, you have to do it in a business climate of skepticism, restrictive compliance, and high competition. That's why Legacy created the IGNITE program.

IGNITE equips you with a system for connection: Specifically, you'll master:

  • A 4 Decision System™ that will steer the progression of your relationship with current and potential clients
  • A battle-proven way to confidently answer the question, "What do you do?"
  • An Approach Talk™ that will pull you out of the commodity trap, and result in a clear engagement decision by your potential client
  • Clear language that will show your potential client, why they should become a client for life
  • An Engagement Agreement that will accelerate the opportunity forward


LAUNCH Online Learning Program

LAUNCH is designed with a single purpose: install a new process for engaging with future and current clients so that you can have the business, the clients and the kinds of engagements you want.

You will complete LAUNCH with:

  • A proven, 4 Decision System™ for engaging with future and current clients in a powerful, efficient and systematic way
  • A new way to introduce yourself to potential clients, and to teach others to introduce you so that you get more referrals, and that they are the kinds of clients you want
  • An advanced Approach Talk™ designed to make securing new business more engaging, more fun, and get you quickly aligned with your prospects' greatest priorities
  • A new perspective on how Trust works and how you can help nurture it
  • A system for creating Goal Clarity to permanently address one of the invisible points-of-failure in client engagement
  • Our GISOR™ Model for ensuring clients commit to their goals before you solve them
  • A method to articulate Goal Achievement, how you'll help your client achieve their goals and have the compelling future they want
  • A web-based application to capture what you gather in your expanded Discovery, prepare compelling reports for your clients, and help your team keep cases on track


ECHO Online Learning Program

When families make decisions based on your recommendations, the results will echo long into the future. Their decisions become part of your legacy and theirs. Someone will serve your client for generations; we think it should be you. But one of the greatest risks to the advice-giving business model is a lack of generational reach.

When your current clients die, and both the decisions and assets move to the next generation, those clients will leave you and move on to their own circle of advisor relationship. And it's worse. 70% of estate plans fail and cause the family to lose their wealth because of family cohesion challenges: they fight, and then go broke.

You will complete ECHO with:

  • A powerful new way to capture your clients' ideal future for themselves, their wealth, and their family
  • The ability to discover and document shared family values, across generations
  • The method to create a meaningful family financial philosophy (mission statement)
  • The ability to actually engage the next generation and create relationships that will stick
  • The ability to capture the family story (the story that holds them all together) through a turnkey biographical interview process
  • The process for confidently hosting family meetings, including agenda's and exercises
  • The knowledge of Why, When and How to introduce a family wealth counselor
  • The ability to create one-of-a-kind client documents using our web-based application


LINK will put the power of our 5 Best Practices of Collaboration in your hands, at your fingertips, so that you stay in the driver's seat, lead, and win the day for your client.

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We are grateful for the support of all sponsors and exhibitors from the recently-concluded 55th Annual NAEPC Advanced Estate Planning Strategies Conference, including those shown below. You may click on each logo to learn more.

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Who Are We?

Reflections on the Values of NAEPC by Robert E. Fox, CLU®, AEP®
Editor's note: This month we would like to revisit a piece provided by Robert E. Fox, CLU®, AEP® earlier this year, which captures his comments while serving as editor of this portion of our newsletter.

I believe...

  • That NAEPC is the primary estate planning organization and that its future depends on the dedication in service to my clients through a professional approach to my career.
  • In a spiritual approach to my affiliation with NAEPC and the Accredited Estate Planner® designation.
  • In the continuing perfection of my techniques and knowledge.
  • In working together with my peers of other disciplines, and
  • Above all, in dedication to the continual welfare of my clients and not alone in my monetary gain.

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