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Members of the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils and members of affiliated local councils are entitled to purchase the following publications and software at discount prices. Also see benefits available to affiliated local councils.

The National Association of Estate Planners & Councils provides this offering of Value Partners as a resource to its membership of designees, affiliated local estate planning councils, and members of affiliated local estate planning councils.

Reference within this website or newsletter of a specific product, process, or service does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation by NAEPC. NAEPC assumes no legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, product, process, or service offered to its membership.

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Many benefits are available grouped in the following categories:

Educational Opportunities

AICPA Engage - June 12-15,2017 - MGM Grand Las Vegas, NV | Online Broadcast

The AICPA Advanced Estate Planning and Personal Financial Planning Conferences join AICPA ENGAGE this June. Experience four days of fresh ideas and breakthrough presentations — all under one roof.

Bring the greatest value to your clients by becoming the most trusted resource for navigating shifts and changes in the global economy. Immersed in four days of leading-edge best practices and ideas from esteemed thought leaders in financial planning and estate planning, you’ll learn why past attendees rave about this conference every year.

Choose among five tracks for focused learning: Insurance and Risk Management, Investment Management, Practice Management and Technology, Wealth Management and Tax, and Retirement Planning. You’ll refine business strategies, implement new techniques, and learn a holistic approach to every life stage affecting your client’s financial outlook

Learn more and register by clicking HERE.  NAEPC members are entitled to take advantage of a $100 discount by using code "100ENG17" at checkout.

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American Bar Association RPTE Paralegal eLearning Program

The ABA Section of Real Property, Trust and Estate Law is proud to continue its professional development series focused on paralegals, legal assistants, and others working in the areas of Trust & Estate Law. This program is co-sponsored by the ABA Standing Committee on Paralegals.

Attendees of the Paralegal eLearning Program will learn substantive legal and ethics issues, as well as best practices, from leading industry professionals with in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience in Trust & Estate Law. The program includes ten 60-minute webinar sessions, and attendees can register for the entire series or individual sessions. Those who sign-up for the entire series after it begins will be registered for the remaining webinar sessions and receive recordings of the sessions that have already occurred.

As a special limited-time offer, those who register for the entire 2014 Paralegal eLearning Program series will receive complimentary Associate membership in both the ABA and Section of Real Property, Trust & Estate Law for the 2013-2014 bar year.

For full program information, please click HERE.

Attendees will receive a certificate of course completion at the conclusion of each webinar session. Attendees attending all ten sessions will receive an additional certificate of series completion. Neither certificate bears state licensing approval. However, attendees may choose to self-report their participation depending on their relevant jurisdiction(s). Attendees are encouraged to contact individual state licensing agencies directly with questions.

NAEPC is pleased to offer this benefit through a relationship with the RPTE section of the American Bar Association provided by the Synergy SummitThe Synergy Summit is a unique organization whose delegates come from the leadership of the major legal, accounting, and financial service organizations in the country, including two sections within the ABA, two sections within the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants, the National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils, the Society of Financial Service Professionals, the American Association of Attorney-Certified Public Accountants, the Partnership for Philanthropic Planning, and the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners.  The Synergy Summit, as its name implies, is a unified think tank allowing the leaders of its constituent organizations to coordinate programs, compare notes, and offer more value to their respective members. These organizations together represent more than 200,000 lawyers, accountants, financial planners, and insurance and other professionals.

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Heart2Hearts: Workbook and Deck of Cards

The Heart2Hearts™ Deck of Cards and Workbook are the perfect client gift! Read more below or visit the private link for additional details.

About the Heart2Hearts™ Deck of Cards

"How do I start a conversation about my end-of-life healthcare wishes?" "This is really uncomfortable." "What should I say?" These questions were asked over and over again by clients. As a result, the Heart2Hearts™ deck of cards was created as a tool to help your clients with 52 conversation starters. This tool will make for better estate planning with your clients. These cards can also generate estate planning business for your law firm. To learn how, call 440-591-8091.

About the Heart2Hearts™ Workbook...

Illness, death and dying are not topics that we like to broach.  How do we even begin to answer the difficult questions about healthcare choices? Heart2Hearts™: The Workbook  helps your clients make the most important conversation of their life easier. By completing this innovative workbook, they will have a source document that provides peace of mind. This will help the family know the wishes and follow them when the time comes.

In this workbook your clients will discover how easy it is to:

  • Overcome fears
  • Discover feelings regarding their loved ones
  • Improve communication
  • Share where important financial and legal documents are kept
  • Determine what is important to their quality of life
  • Ensure that their wishes will be followed

NAEPC members are eligible for a 10% discount on the deck of cards, workbook or bundle of both. They can be customized with your law firm’s logo and contact information in purchases of 500 decks and up as it is a great marketing tool.  


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NAEPC Journal of Estate & Tax Planning

The NAEPC Journal of Estate & Tax Planning is a web-based library of best-in-class thought leadership appropriate for every member of every estate planning council. Visit today to view current and past issues of the publication.  Published quarterly and available at no-charge to all estate planning council members and Accredited Estate Planner designees, The Journal is considered to be one of the top benefits of membership in NAEPC. 

Each quarterly publication includes featured content, newsletters from leading practitioners, and a wealth of practice-based information.  

Ideas for future content may be submitted to


Robert G. Alexander Webinar Series

Introduced in 2013 in memory of NAEPC board member Robert G. Alexander, online programs are offered monthly on the 2nd Wednesday at 3:00 pm ET (with the exception of November of each year).  The special programs are available to affiliated local estate planning councils, Accredited Estate Planner® designees, members of affiliated local estate planning councils, and non-members. 

Program content complements the core value of NAEPC, the multi-disciplinary concept of estate planning.

Continuing education credit will be available at each webinar for Accredited Estate Planner® designees.  In addition, a certificate of completion will be made available for those professionals that feel the program satisfies their continuing education requirements and are able to self-file.  Councils may also file the program in their home state for programs offered in a group setting.

Registration Fees

  • $40 / Accredited Estate Planner® designee (dues must be current at the time of registration)
  • $60 / member of an affiliated local estate planning council or at-large member of NAEPC
  • $100 / individual non-member
  • $250 / council meeting or group gathering (council dues must be current at the time of registration)

Please visit our website for more information.


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The Charitable Planning Desk Reference for Advisors

The Charitable Planning Desk Reference for Advisors®, now in its 4th edition was created by Strategic Philanthropy, Ltd., in collaboration with estate planning attorneys and wealth advisors. The Desk Reference is a practical resource designed to help legal and financial professionals more effectively engage their clients in conversations about their philanthropic intent, options and opportunities. The 4th Edition includes new chapters and an expanded resource section. It is the first such comprehensive tool developed specifically for the advisor community to support their integration of philanthropy as a value added and revenue opportunity in their practice.

Some of the topics in The Desk Reference cover:

  • Initiating the charitable conversation;
  • Using non-cash assets to fund charitable giving;
  • Benefits of Charitable Remainder and Charitable Lead Trusts
  • Engaging the next generation;
  • Fundamentals of International Giving
  • A comparative chart illustrating the benefits and limitations of vehicle choice and a resource guide for advisors, and;

The Desk Reference is available at no cost to the advisor community. Simply go to and request your electronic copy.



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The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc.

The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc. was formed by nationally renowned estate planning attorney, Philip J. Kavesh, back in 2004.

What initially started as a training for fellow estate planning attorneys and financial advisors has since expanded into a company that provides estate planning professionals of all kinds - - attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors and life insurance agents - - practical, tested and proven technical, practice-building and marketing products. Its products and services are practical and can be quickly and easily implemented into estate planning practices of all levels of experience and expertise.

The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc. offers a variety of resources to estate planning professionals, including but not limited to:

The Ultimate Estate Planner, Inc. has extended NAEPC members a special 15% discount on its products and services, which can be obtained by logging in to this website.

For more information, log into the Members Only section. 


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Washington Institute for Graduate Studies

Washington Institute for Graduate Studies is a recognized, quality provider of advanced degrees for tax professionals.  Our Masters in Taxation is sought after and earned by a wide variety of practitioners.  We recognize the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils as a premier association for estate planners, providing continuing education, research and required information to keep their members at the top of their game.  We fully support NAEPC’s mission to serve its members, assuring their success in this important field of knowledge.  Therefore, we are making available significant tuition waivers that are designed to enhance the careers of NAEPC members, thereby aiding NAEPC in this mission. 

In the Offer Details that follow, we’ve provided information on both the tuition waivers available, as well as how to access them.   Additional information about the programs (i.e., admission requirements, graduation requirements, tuition payment programs, etc) can all be found on the website at .  This offer is subject to change and cannot be combined with any other promotion.  Please Contact Robert Hanson toll-free at (858) 546-2838 or  for any questions you may have. 

Offer Details:

One ½ tuition waiver per calendar year, per councilEach calendar year, Washington Institute for Graduate Studies will make available one ½ tuition waiver for a student from each council.  This particular feature applies only to the Masters Degree Program and may be further combined with the standard 10% “Paid in Full” discount.

To take advantage of this ½ tuition offer, a council must be willing to pursue a selection process that ensures their members have an equitable opportunity to benefit from the offer.  Washington Institute does not require specific activities as a part of the selection process, but must know that each state chapter has given consideration to interested candidates.  The NAEPC member recommended by the council must meet all admission and program requirements.  Washington Institute will require a simple letter/note from the chapter president informing us of their recommended waiver recipient.

If this waiver is not used in a specific year, it is forfeited (i.e., waivers do not accumulate from year to year).

10% tuition waiver for NAEPC MembersIn order to qualify for this tuition waiver, the prospective student must demonstrate (s)he is a current NAEPC member by submitting that information along with her/his enrollment materials.  In addition to this 10% waiver, NAEPC members that have the interest may combine Washington Institute’s standard 10% “Paid in Full” discount.

10% (Add’l) waiver for 5+ within a CouncilAn affiliated local council that refers 5 (or more) members to successfully enroll in Washington Institute’s degree program, within a 12-month period, each enrollee will receive an additional 10% off the tuition (effectively 20% off current tuition rates). 

If tuition is paid on the monthly payment plan, the discount is applied to the final payment.However, if tuition is paid in full, the discount applies to the initial payment, which qualifies the member for an additional 10% discount (our standard “Paid in Full” discount).Under this multi-enrollment option, if the “Paid in Full” discount is utilized, the student may receive a 30% discount off current tuition rates.

EXAMPLE. . .If only four students from an affiliated council enroll initially, then these enrollments will only receive the standard 10% tuition waiver for NAEPC members.  If, later within the same 12 month period, a fifth student enrolls from the same council, then the discount will be applied retroactively to the first four enrollments as well as to the fifth enrollment.  Either a refund check, credit card credit or a course purchase credit will be issued (if the initial enrollments were paid in full) or (if on the monthly payment plan) the discount will be applied to the final payment(s).  Additional enrollments within the 12 month period continue to receive the discount.


These discounts cannot be applied retroactively through to a preceding 12 month period.  However, the 12 month period is continuous.  For example, if four students enroll on January 12, 2015, and a fifth enrolls on December 17, 2015, all would then be eligible for the enrollment discount.  If another four students enroll on November 9, 2016, they too will be eligible for the discount, as the December 17, 2015, enrollment also makes 5 enrollments within a 12 month period.

A Bachelor’s Degree May Not Be RequiredNational accreditation standards will permit up to 6% of the enrolled student body to be admitted as “special consideration” enrollees (i.e., those admitted into a Masters Program without a Bachelor Degree). 

NAEPC members that seek to apply for “Special Consideration” are evaluated on a case-by-case basis but must have an academic and/or professional background equivalent to a bachelor’s degree.  As a general rule, these applicants must have no less than ten years of proven professional experience in the field of taxation. Further, prospective students that qualify will be admitted on a “first come, first served” basis.

In addition to the information provided on the Student Enrollment Agreement, a Special Consideration Applicant must provide a written statement of his or her personal and professional goals and how completion of the Master of Science in Taxation program would assist in the pursuit and achievement of those goals.

Accept certain, advanced CPE workshops as “transfer credits”This particular feature would only apply to CPE/CLE courses that represented a series of workshops all under a specific title/topic that administered an exam and that was no less than 10 hours of aggregate class time. Such courses must have been completed not more than 24 months prior to the date of enrollment.  The prospective student must provide signed CPE/CLE certificates, along with her/his enrollment materials.

Advisory Board Position. . .A Taxation Program with Representation!  Washington Institute welcomes qualified individuals to this board to provide industry insights, course suggestions and/or overall improvements to our tax programs.

The individual must be nominated by the state chapter President and subject to approval by Washington Institute.  This individual would not be expected to travel for this role and would be listed among the board membership in Washington Institute publications/website.

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