National Association of Estate Planners and Councils

Council Nominated AEP® Program

In 2004, the NAEPC board of directors created the Accredited Estate Planner® (AEP®) Council Nomination Program, which offers all estate planning councils affiliated with NAEPC the honor and privilege of nominating practitioners to obtain the AEP® designation. This program was created in recognition of the fact that local council leaders are in a unique position to know who within the council deserves the honor of being awarded the AEP® designation and meets all of the qualifications to do the same.

Councils are entitled to nominate, by board resolution, candidates in each of the five recognized disciplines (accounting; insurance and financial planning; legal; philanthropic; and trust services) on an annual, calendar year basis. If a council has 100 members or less, it may nominate one candidate in each of the five disciplines, plus one additional in any of the five, each calendar year. For councils with 100 members or more, two qualified candidates may be nominated in each of the five disciplines, plus two in any of the five. Please note that eligible council members must have a minimum of 15 years of experience in estate planning and hold one or more of the following qualifying credentials: CPA, CLU®, ChFC®, CFP®, CFA, CPWA®, JD, CAP,® CSPG, CTFA, MSFS, and MST.

The application fee for council nominated candidates is half of the regular fee, or $175, and applicants are not required to submit the otherwise required three professional references; however, they must have a minimum of 15 years of experience as an estate planner and meet the remainder of the application requirements to be eligible. First year dues in the amount of $175 are required at the time of application for all applicants.

As with all programs offered by NAEPC, councils have full flexibility to create a selection process that fits with their mission and values, but still meets the designation program guidelines.  As a result, the program has been implemented in a variety of ways, examples of which are noted below.  You are also welcome to contact the national office for more guidance on how councils have chosen to handle their selection process.

  • Each year, the Hampton Roads Estate Planning Council leadership meets to review their membership and select those eligible and qualified for a council nomination.
  • The Estate Planning Council of Cleveland invites qualified members selected by an AEP® council-nomination committee to a reception hosted by the council where information is shared about the designation program by fellow designees and council leadership. Following the reception and board approval of the candidates, a meeting is held by the council to execute the council nomination resolutions on behalf of those who have confirmed their interest in moving forward.
  • The Boston Estate Planning Council established a liaison committee with the NAEPC/AEP® Committee and developed a council review application process to assist in selecting qualified council members for the AEP® designation through this program. The council then honors their new AEP® designees during its Annual Gala each spring.

          For full information about the Accredited Estate Planner® designation program, click HERE.
          To obtain a copy of the Council Nominated AEP® application, please email the national office.

For additional information, please contact Susan Austin-Carney at the NAEPC office.