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Klark Proposal Software, Inc.

"We have been using Klark Software in our client presentations since 1993.  The clients love them because they put the technical concepts into visual displays and language that the client can understand.  Half of our time is trying to make complicated concepts or products sound simple and the Klark Software does that."  Mike Halloran, Past President NAEPC – 2010.

Klark Software offers you a simple, visual way to educate your clients about the role that life insurance plays in Estate, Business and Personal Planning.  Since 1993 our programs have featured a short learning curve, simple interface and minimal output that is easy to understand.  We are a proven point of sale tool that uses color graphics to teach clients about the fundamental concepts of proper planning and engage them in the decision making process.

The Estate Planning Program features a one page fact finder that, when completed, allows the entire presentation to be generated.  Visual, color graphics and text bring to your client's attention the fact that although estate taxes are unavoidable, there may be methods available to minimize their impact.  By interacting with the fact finder, our program calculates both present and future settlement costs for joint and single life scenarios.  Our “Cash Flows” proposal compares the three most common ways of funding settlement costs.  A loan, sinking fund and life insurance are illustrated at their present value allowing you to make an “apples to apples” comparison of the three funding methods.  A sample presentation of our Estate Planning Program can be found here

Our Business Program helps educate your clients about the fundamentals of a Cross Purchase, Key Person, Executive Bonus and other business planning concepts. Samples of our Business Program can be found here.  The Personal Program contains numerous proposals regarding Life Insurance and Retirement.  Samples of the Personal Program can be found here.  The Due Diligence section of the Personal Program contains a database of over 200 Life Insurance Companies.  It allows you to compare companies either by their key attributes or how they are rated by the four major rating services.  Samples from the Due Diligence Section can be found here.  Our software is updated in a timely manner to ensure accuracy and compliance.  Training and support are included as a vital part of service to our customers.

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For interested parties we offer a 30 day demo program.  There is no charge, no obligation and includes training.  With the training you will learn how to navigate around the software and how proposals are used in the field.  To request a demo, email us at or call (800) 289-5774.  To learn more about Klark Software visit our website at