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NAEPC Annual Conference Council Leadership Day Information

Each year, in conjunction with the Annual Conference, the NAEPC provides one full day of education and leadership sessions for the board, officers, and staff of our affiliated local councils - Council Leadership Day. Council executives (paid staff) also have a special dinner a private half-day development session during the program.

The attendee can expect to interact with fellow volunteer leaders, attend breakout sessions designed for idea sharing & growth and learn about ongoing NAEPC programs and services available to the council and their membership. The majority of this day is dedicated to open roundtable discussions with leaders of councils of like size. The sessions are facilitated by volunteers that are also board members from their home council.

Still not sure about sending a representative?  Please check out our handy resource, "Why Should Our Council Send a Representative to Council Leadership Day?"

Information from the Council Leadership Day sessions held during the 54th Annual NAEPC Advanced Estate Planning Strategies Conference are available below.

What You Missed in 2017


2018 Learning Pod Descriptions

This year's conference offers a wide range of pre-conference session options. You will pick five of these on the conference registration form.


Crafting Exciting Events with Broad Appeal
It's clear that the days of educational-only programs on the same day, time and location each month are behind us - members are demanding more diversity in programming. This session will address what makes for a well-rounded yearly programming calendar that appeals to a wide variety of members, will give leaders an opportunity to share what is working for their council and what is new, different or exciting, and how a change to a programming schedule can positively impact attendance and enhance member satisfaction.

Negotiating with Venues, Vendors & Service Providers
We have clearly entered a new era with regard to meetings and events. Rising prices, new policies and fees, and unreasonable demands are fast becoming the “norm” in the meetings industry. Participants in this session, which will be led by a seasoned meeting planner and association manager, will participate in an open dialogue about overcoming these obstacles to create events that your council can be proud of and that won't break the bank.


Best Practices in Welcoming New Members
That person who has been lurking at your council's events as a guest has finally joined – now what? This session will address concepts for welcoming new members and brainstorm new ways to onboard members in a way that makes them feel welcome, inclined to remain active (and possibly wanting to get more involved).

Creating a Member Milestone Program and Service/Achievement Awards
5 – 10 – 15 – 20… Recognition of milestones is an important part of member engagement. This session will brainstorm best practices in recognizing member milestones, along with other ways to strengthen the bond with your members via service and achievement awards.


Becoming a Council of Excellence
The Council of Excellence Award, in addition to being NAEPC's highest council honor, is considered to be a roadmap of best practices from which every council can benefit. Attendees can expect to learn about the application and questions asked within, as well as what has made the winning councils so successful in the last four years.

Creating a Sponsorship Program / Increasing Non-Dues Revenue
Many councils are creating or refining sponsorship programs and exploring other options like job posting services to help increase revenue, which allows your council to keep dues low and provide an exceptional membership experience. This session will address best practices and new ideas to grow revenue and create programs that will be exciting and appealing.

NAEPC Benefits and Resources Review
Much like the old American Express line, your council's membership in NAEPC has its privileges. Attend this session to learn about exactly what NAEPC provides to your council and its members and participate in a group discussion about how councils are making sure their members are up to speed on all of the opportunities available to them. This session will also include an explanation of the “Every Council Campaign”, NAEPC's program that provides access to your member data for specific and targeted purposes and ensures that your members have the “piece of the puzzle” that connects your council to the national association.

Operations Checklist
It's July st and BAM – you're president! This breakout session will address the “must have” items in a council's operations checklist and offer a starting point from which to ensure that each yearly transition is smooth and consistent.

Usage of the Accredited Estate Planner® Designation Council Nomination Program
We know that the Accredited Estate Planner® designation is the only graduate designation in estate planning, but what's this Council Nomination program all about and how does it differ from a self-nomination? Attend this special session to learn about the honor and privilege available to all estate planning councils affiliated with NAEPC, followed by open discussion about how councils have successfully implemented an annual program that assists with member engagement and retention.


Dipping a Toe into Social Media, What's Right for Your Council?
Options for a social media presence are plentiful and seem to be changing every day. So what's the best option for your council? Attendees will review the most popular platforms, conversations that should take place before creating a group or social media presence, and “must have” policies and procedures. Attendees will leave with the beginning of a sketch of a social media strategy for their council.

Making the Most of your Council's NAEPC-Hosted Website
Your council has this fantastic website – now what? This session will offer an opportunity to learn about maximizing the features of your NAEPC-hosted website platform and have your questions answered by the NAEPC team.
*This session is available only to councils that have a website hosted by NAEPC.

NAEPC-Hosted Website Platform: About Us to Contact Us
Interested in learning more about the NAEPC website options? This is the session for you! Attend to learn more about the capabilities and features of the NAEPC-hosted websites and how they can assist your council in its daily operations and as a tool to generate non-dues revenue.
*This session is available only to councils that do not have a website hosted by NAEPC.

Navigating the National Website
It's a bird, it's a plane, no wait – it's NAEPC's new national website! Attend this session to learn more about the newly-redesigned, what your leaders and members can find within, and how councils can use their website to supplement their own.


A Purposeful Discussion on the 2018 US Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy - a Collaboration between U.S. Trust and the Indiana University Lilly Family School of Philanthropy
The heart of our mission at NAEPC is to promote excellence in estate planning, but excellence can mean different things to different people. Without losing sight of how important tax minimization, asset protection and providing maximum flexibility and control are, despite all our hard work, and best efforts, we may be harming families more than helping them by giving them a false sense of preparedness. This collaborative session offers a break from council operations-focused content of the day and will review and discuss the US Trust Study of High Net Worth Philanthropy, and explore how to work together to overcome the shirtsleeves proverb, grow and perpetuate family wealth, family values and the family itself down through the generations, and promote individual, family and community flourishing.

Potpourri of Concepts and New Ideas
Didn't find something your council would like to discuss in the structured sessions? Sign up for this session to open a conversation of your council's choosing. No council-related topic is off-limits, simply arrive to the event and NAEPC's leadership team will answer your questions.