National Association of Estate Planners and Councils

Council of Excellence Award

Created in 2014, the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils Leonard H. Neiman & Walter Lee Davis, Jr. Council of Excellence Award recognizes councils that are successful in their efforts to provide a strong multi-disciplinary council for their members.  Created by a group of council leaders, past presidents of NAEPC, and current Board and Council Relations Committee members, with all council sizes in mind, the Council of Excellence Award is intended to honor those councils that truly work to grow their programs and services and provide an exceptional member experience. 

The award is named for two individuals who truly sought to strengthen the bond between NAEPC and its affiliated councils during their terms on the board.  Walter Lee Davis, Jr. served as president of the association in 2008 and was instrumental in forming the Council Relations Committee, a group of volunteer members who are charged with being a liaison between affiliates and the national association.  Leonard H. Neiman served the association as a board member for over fifteen years.  He worked tirelessly to gather information about estate planning councils from around the country, both affiliated and unaffiliated, and to make contact with their leadership.

We consider this application a roadmap of best practices; things that help a council run smoothly and support a great member experience.  NAEPC recommends that all councils review it each year to determine where they might like to make improvements or specific areas on which to focus its board efforts.  It has been developed over many years of interaction with councils and their leaders and represents our current understanding of the practices that breed success. At the same time, the application is a reciprocal learning experience.  The narrative portion gives NAEPC an opportunity to learn more about your council and what is happening within the council network.  Due to rapid technological and social change and the accompanying uncertainty and unpredictability, there has never been a better and more important time for this type of council-to-council learning.

2022 Application

2022 Applications are requested back on or before Friday, May 13, 2022.

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2021 Honorees 

The Awards Ceremony took place in November 2021 and honored the following councils for their achievements: 

2021 Council of Excellence Award Winners

Extra-Small Council
     EPC of Suffolk County (NY)
Medium Council
     EPC of Greater Miami (FL)
Large Council
     Baltimore EPC (MD)
Extra-Large Council
     EPC of Cleveland (OH)

2021 5 Star Councils

Extra-Small Councils
     Greater New Jersey EPC (NJ)
     York County EPC (PA)
     Siouxland EPC, Inc. (IA)
     EPC of Bergen County (NJ)
     Hilton Head Area Cncl of E&FA, Inc. (SC)

Medium Councils
     EPC of Central New York (NY)
     EPC of Nassau County, Inc. (NY)
     Spokane EPC (WA)

Large Council
     F & EPC of Metropolitan Detroit, Inc. (MI)

Extra-Large Council
     Chicago EPC (IL) 

2021 Emerging Councils

Extra-Small Councils
     EPC of the Emerald Coast (FL)
     El Paso EPC (TX)

Medium Councils
     Hampton Roads EPC (VA)
     Sioux Falls EPC (SD)   

Large Council
     Washington DC EPC (DC)

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