National Association of Estate Planners and Councils

Every Council Campaign

The "Every Council Campaign" is an initiative that allows NAEPC to complete the chain of communication that connect your council's members and leadership to the national association.  The program is a direct result of feedback from councils affiliated with NAEPC that they want their membership to be more connected with NAEPC; currently 75% of the affiliated councils are participating.

The program is simple and easy to understand:

  • A hard copy Advanced Estate Planning Strategies Conference registration brochure will be sent via US mail.
  • NAEPC News* will be emailed six times per year and includes information about:
    • Member benefits
    • The Advanced Estate Planning Strategies Conference
    • The Accredited Estate Planner® designation and Estate Planning Law Specialist certification 
    • Councils and/or members in the news
    • Timely and relevant items of interest to council leadership and members

Participating councils also have an opportunity to enroll their members to receive notification when new issues of the NAEPC Journal of Estate & Tax Planning have been released!  

You have our commitment that we will:

  • Strictly adhere to our privacy policy 
  • Respond to all notices of suspected misuse immediately with a full investigation
  • Offer every member of every participating council an opportunity to “opt out” in a manner that will not impact the communication from the leadership of the affiliated local council
  • Offer each participating council an opportunity to “opt out” each calendar year with a statement in the annual dues notice
  • Offer each non-participating council an opportunity to “opt-in” at their leisure and each calendar year with a statement in the annual dues notice

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*See past issues


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