National Association of Estate Planners and Councils

NAEPC is aware of ongoing outreach to affiliated councils by StarChapter.  Please be advised that NAEPC is not affiliated with this company, does not use the services of StarChapter for its management or website needs, and does not endorse the product offered by StarChapter. 

Local Council Website Solutions

Choosing the best website for your council can be a daunting experience. It can be difficult to know which company is the most reliable and whether pricing is competitive. For nearly 20 years, NAEPC has been offering websites to its affiliated councils that are easy to use, economical, and continuously enhanced. 

delivering a cost-effective option for both website and administrative needs

giving even the most tentative user the confidence to know that he or she is working efficiently for their association

streamlined administration means that volunteer leadership can concentrate on growth and direction, while clearly sharing the association’s message, mission, and network with its core audience 

Current Incentives

  • 50% discount on first year of new service
  • $200 discount on upgraded level of service

> Download the Registration/Upgrade Form

Recently-Implemented Features

  • On-demand tutorials for the most recently-used features
  • Request payment from sponsors
  • Create Events in "Draft" Mode to Publish Later
  • Add new events quickly and easily by cloning them
  • Add large videos and links to the document library
  • Enhancements to event RSVP data explore
  • Turn guest RSVPs into prospective members
  • Zoom Integration (meetings and webinars)
  • Customizable registrants-only content for each event

> Concerned about being able to afford another expense?  All levels (except the online listing) can accommodate sponsorship integration! Many councils have done so very successfully, turning the website into a source of non-dues revenue.

Online Listing

Cost: Complimentary with NAEPC Membership


Displays basic contact information for one staff executive or officer, allowing prospective members using the national website to reach your council's primary contact.

Level I - Basic Site

Cost: $400 per year / $200 after July 1st (first year of service only)

Preview Sample Site

This website is designed for the council that wants the most basic online presence and is a stepping-stone to the enhanced options that include RSVP features, tracking of member history, etc.  This site includes the following functionality:

  • Basic Home page with Ability to Add a Local Image
  • About Us, Committees, and Contact Us Pages
  • Calendar of Events with National Calendar Integration
  • Viewable Member Directory with Search Capability
  • Member Benefits Page Featuring Nationally-Available Benefits
  • Web-Based Administration
  • Link to NAEPC

Level II - Standard Site

Cost: $800 per year / $400 after July 1st (first year of service only)


Offering more functionality than the Basic Site, this option also includes the following features:

  • Domain Name Management
    NAEPC will purchase and maintain a council's domain name through the term of service (

  • Enhanced Home Page with 8 Design Templates

  • Additional Pages: Leadership, Past Presidents, Sponsors with Banners & Links, and Links

  • Member Directory Print Options

  • Online Application Form (Customizable Interactive Form or Download Options)

  • Document Library

  • Secure Member Login

  • Member-Only Access Control

  • Broadcast Email and Texting

Level III - Deluxe Site with Non-Integrated Payment Processing

Cost: $1,200 per year / $600 after July 1st (first year of service only)


This option takes the standard site and adds the capability to handle financial transactions securely, and allows the council to control and post more information.  Additional features include:

  • Sponsor Banner Management  
    For sponsor banners on the home page and top of each page, including click tracking

  • On-line Secure Event RSVP *Integrates with PayPal Only 
    Allows council members to view calendar events and interactively RSVP simply by selecting a member or guest price category and payment option. The council website administrator sets price categories and payment options and can also include event details and an RSVP link on an outgoing e-mail broadcast. 

  • Additional Page:  Council Information 

  • Interactive Membership Renewal with Payment Options

  • Ability to Add Items to the Member Benefits Page

  • Categorization of Sponsors

Level IV - Enhanced Deluxe Site with Fully-Integrated Payment Processing

Cost: $1,600 per year / $800 after July 1st (first year of service only)


This Option includes all the features of all other levels and adds in fully-integrated online secure payment processing.   
(Council must have or establish a merchant account that is compatible with PlugNPay and commit to ongoing PCI Compliance monitoring to take advantage of level website. The NAEPC can provide guidance on the establishment of a merchant account and an explanation of PCI Compliance.)

Please call the office at 866-226-2224 or email for more information or questions.  

> Website Enrollment Directory Template

Website Services Agreement

Download the current version of the Website Services Agreement

PCI Compliance Information

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is managed by the PCI Security Standards Council (PCI SSC). Founded in 2006 by the five biggest credit card providers, the Council ensures that merchants meet the required levels of security when they store, process and transmit cardholder data.  Being PCI compliant is highly advisable for merchants that accept card payments to avoid non-compliance fees. The requirements for becoming PCI compliant are relative to how your merchant account provider operates.

Credit card processing on an NAEPC-hosted estate planning council website is handled using commonly accepted security measures, including: conveying of secure financial data in an encrypted format using a valid SSL certificate, and no (Level 4) or minimal (Level 3) storage of any card information, and always in an encrypted format.  As the merchant account holder, your council will be required to complete a yearly PCI Compliance scan on the website and to make sure that the council contact is up-to-date.  

To learn more about PCI Compliance, please visit the CardConnect reference page.


Access the Council Dues Renewal and Service online payment form here