National Association of Estate Planners and Councils

Unaffiliated Councils Overview

Formed in 1962, the National Association of Estate Planners & Councils (NAEPC) is the national organization for affiliated estate planning councils and professional estate planners. One of the pillars of our mission is the support of local estate planning councils and their members. It is our belief that the primary and most effective means for networking among the various disciplines is at the local council level and that the educational opportunity found within is of exceptionally high-quality and contribues to the profession as a whole, but also to the overall strength and viability of NAEPC and estate planning councils across the country.  

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Joining NAEPC is fast, easy, and inexpensive!  

  • Councils with < 40 members, $115/year
  • Councils with 41 - 100 members, $175/year
  • Councils with 101 - 250 members, $375/year
  • Councils with 251- 400 members, $525/year
  • Councils with 401+ members, $575/year

*No per-member fee, dues are invoiced each calendar year.

New councils are required to submit an application, along with a copy of the current bylaws, list of board members, and an Excel membership listing.  

Contact our national office for questions.