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MIDEO - My Informed Decision on Video

This new member benefit is available following Dr. Ferdinando Mirarchi's revealing presentation during the 60th Annual NAEPC Advanced Estate Planning Strategies Conference, "Flip A Coin….Does your Living Will Protect or Harm You?".

MIDEO®, or My Informed Decision on VidEO, is a revolutionary state of the art patient safety technology that brings your voice to the forefront of your medical care when you experience a medical crisis.  Many of you who are experts in estate planning, have done your job to create an advance directive and health care power of attorney.  You have even recommended these documents to your clients.  And why not, they are two vital of the 5 major components of your estate plan.  What you were not aware of is that there is a nationwide patient safety risk to all of you and your families related to medical teams misunderstanding your wishes and causing two types of medical errors.  The first being under treatment (where you do not get aggressive lifesaving treatment) and the second being over treatment (where teams provided to much care when you were ready to accept a natural death).

MIDEO, created by an Emergency Medicine Physician and lead Investigator for the TRIAD Patient Safety Research, has developed a friendly, easy educational tool and system that prevents these types of dangerous medical errors.  Thus, keeping both you and your family safe and in control. 

NAEPC membership entitles you access to the benefits of MIDEO with an exclusive 15% discount.  You can access MIDEO via easy to utilize apps for the Do It Yourself (DIY) experience or you can receive a more facilitated medical experience by making an appointment with one of MIDEOs physicians.  A Medical Crisis happens suddenly which is why we encourage you to Act Now.  Call (844) MIDEO 4-U or visit

The NAEPC Discount Code is NAEPC15.

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