National Association of Estate Planners and Councils

Frequently Asked Questions:
NAEPC Advanced Estate Planning Strategies Conference

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For Attendees

QUESTION:  Who should attend the annual conference?

ANSWER:  The conference is for every estate planning professional and all estate planning council members.  The content is built with attorneys, accountants, and professionals within the disciplines of insurance and financial planning, trust, and philanthropy in mind.

QUESTION:  Isn't this a conference for estate planning council board members?

ANSWER:  No!  While the post-conference sessions held at the in-person annual conference are for estate planning council leaders, the annual conference educational sessions (including virtual components) are for every professional.

QUESTION:  Is continuing education credit available?

ANSWER:  Yes.  See the conference page for more information about the availability of continuing education credit.  

QUESTION:  What makes this conference different from others?

ANSWER:   The very same thing that sets NAEPC apart from other organizations - our multi-disciplinary attendees.  At an NAEPC event you will find a diverse and well-rounded group of professionals representing the various disciplines related to the profession of estate planning.  Because our conference is smaller than some of the larger events, you'll have more time to spend getting to know one another and the event's presenters.

QUESTION:  Is my hotel room included with my registration?

ANSWER:   No, it is a separate fee and must be reserved directly with the hotel by the cut-off date for reservations.

QUESTION:  Is food included with my registration?

ANSWER:   Most meals are included with a conference registration and dietary needs can be accommodated with proper and advance notice.  We pride ourselves on offering well-rounded meals to prepare an attendee for a busy day of learning and meeting new people.

For Sponsors

QUESTION:  Will the conference be in-person?

ANSWER:   We are planning to host the conference in-person at this time.

QUESTION:  How many attendees do you expect?

ANSWER:   Attendance is expected to reach or exceed 400 attorneys, trust officers, accountants, insurance and financial planners, and philanthropic professionals.

QUESTION:  How can my firm participate?

ANSWER:   Please review the Supporter prospectus found on the main conference website page.

QUESTION:  Will attendees visit our booth?

ANSWER:    We host nearly all meal and break periods within the exhibit hall, which gives attendees a reason and time to interact with exhibitors.

QUESTION:  Who sets our booth up?

ANSWER:   Your firm will set up its booth.

QUESTION:  Do we receive an attendee list?

ANSWER:   Yes, attendee lists are distributed as noted within the Sponsor Prospectus.

QUESTION:  Are there opportunities to speak/present at the conference? 

ANSWER:   Yes, both mainstage, webinar and workshops are available. See prospectus for details.

QUESTION:  We understand Council Leaders oversee their respective councils throughout the United States. Are there ways to meet them? 

ANSWER:   Yes. Aside from the annual conference which includes all conference attendees, NAEPC introduced in 2024 “Up Close” with Council Leaders. Only Council Leaders attend this event (immediately after the main conference) which makes them visible and accessible to you. See prospectus (Attention Grabber page) for details.

QUESTION:  I’ve signed up as a sponsor/exhibitor, does NAEPC offer ways to stand out from other exhibitors? 

ANSWER:   NAEPC offers unique and strategic opportunities to ensure your firm is showcased at the highest level possible. Some opportunities are exclusive which makes your firm the only player.  See the Attention Grabber page in the prospectus for remaining opportunities and details. 

QUESTION:  Can sponsors hold their own private social event? 

ANSWER:   Yes, in fact we encourage you to engage conference attendees with a private cocktail reception, invite only dinner, or perhaps an evening cordials and dessert event. Use your pre-conference attendee list to lock in your invitees.